Arman's Story




During his beautiful 15 years with us, Arman always lived life to the fullest using his many special gifts to touch countless people in the most thoughtful of ways. He was a loving, gentle, empathetic, adventurous, energetic, brilliant young man. Arman always had a smile on his face, a positive outlook on life, and a unique way to connect with others and make everyone feel special. He took every opportunity to help someone in need.


Arman jumped into everything feet first!  He enjoyed so many passions including traveling and learning about other cultures, adventure and exploring the great outdoors, having fun with friends and family, and absolutely everything related to technology, which he mastered so quickly and effortlessly.  He loved sharpening his skills and sharing his talents from his days in kindergarten, when he could be found teaching friends how to reconfigure Nintendo DS’s to get new games, to middle school where he helped classmates and teachers with smart boards and learning apps. then on to his teens years where he became a leader and an innovator. He guided the school robotics team and took on blockchain technology and started a business mining crypto-currency out of his garage.  We all waited in anticipation of what he would discover next.


As a young Cub Scout and then an active Boy Scout of Troop 186, Arman grew from a little boy who could not tie his shoe to a skilled and independent young man who applied what he learned to benefit his friends and community. He earned Merit Badges in canoeing, citizenship, cooking, first aid, navigation, and many more.. and learned to live with honor, bravery, and compassion. He eagerly tackled the tough tasks, and encouraged younger scouts through his patience, kindness and humor to do the same. A fellow Scout shared that during one of his last camping trips Arman came to his side to help him obtain a challenging Merit badge and wrote “Arman was a true leader that helped everyone progress and was a great friend- showing all of us the true meaning of being a Boy Scout."  We are so proud that Troop 186 presented us with an American flag that was flown over the US Capitol on May 2nd, 2019 in honor of Arman.


We have continued to hear so many heartwarming stories of how Arman strived to make life better, easier and just a little more enjoyable for all his family and friends with his special gifts. In Hindi, Arman’s name means hope and that truly represents the greatest gift he gave us all--HOPE. His bright and beautiful spirit lives on and guides us to continue making a difference in his honor through the Arman N Roy foundation.


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