We are partnering with AnnieCannons, a coding boot camp and software development shop connecting survivors of human trafficking with sustainable, high-income earning opportunities.  Through AnnieCannons’ software development training program and post-graduation contracting opportunities, AnnieCannons helps its students access fulfilling work that allows them to provide for their financial needs comfortably, and sustain a lifetime free of exploitation. In line with The Arman N Roy Foundation, AnnieCannons strives to help provide individuals from under served communities equal access to opportunity by helping them develop the skills that allow them to thrive in the technology industry.


To accomplish this objective, AnnieCannons employs a phased educational strategy that empowers its students to learn technology skills, apply these skills in student-led development projects, and earn incomes as subcontractors to clients that AnnieCannons sources and manages.  AnnieCannons clients--which include small businesses, large tech companies, and government entities--generate client fees that AnnieCannons pays directly to their graduates.  AnnieCannons retains a commission on these client contracts to support our operations and train additional survivors.


In 2019, the Arman N Roy Foundation provided a scholarship for one student in their sixth student cohort.  This scholarship will help provide one individual the tools needed to succeed in that class, including a laptop computer, mobile wifi unit, and the operational costs associated with providing this student all wraparound support services required to help her learn.  Over time, this student will be able to earn over $75/hour on AnnieCannons client projects and build an income that will help them meaningfully transform her future.


To learn more about AnnieCannons, please visit: https://anniecannons.org

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