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🎓 Turning the Tassel Towards HOPE! 🎓

Turning the tassel symbolizes the achievement of graduates who are crossing over to another stage in life. On June 10th, Arman's high school classmates showed that this represents much more than just academic success by presenting their friend with an honorary degree and a $2022 donation to the Arman Roy Foundation. When they did, they turned their tassels toward Hope, and a brighter future for all of us. We are blessed to know that Arman also graduated that day and has created a profound legacy that is now carried forward by thousands of you❤️


High school is an exciting time because of all the opportunities that lie ahead, but it can also be very stressful. That's why the Arman Roy Foundation and United Community Corporation teamed up with professionals from various organizations to host two career panels at Newark public high schools this past April. The panels reached an estimated 200 students at Payne Tech and East Side High School and focused on STEM and the impact of technology in a wide array of careers. Many students did not know what their journey would look like after high school, and our amazing panelists helped to expose and inspire them about the limitless possibilities in the future. We are looking forward to expanding on this successful panel series this fall! Read the full press release here.


👨🏾‍💻 STEM is for Everyone! 👩🏽‍💻 This year we are providing game-changing STEM education for 160 youth who would never have access to these learning experiences. Whether the opportunity is to attend after-school workshops, RocketClub Academy or iDTech summer camps, these students are having fun while gaining critical 21st century skills. Thanks to your support, they will be more prepared for the digital economy when it is their time to turn the tassel!


⛳ HOPE-IN-ONE Wins the Prize and Changes Lives ⛳ Our 2nd HOPE-IN-ONE Golf Classic on June 20th in Trenton, NJ was a beautiful day of hope, raising funds to establish technology learning pods at the VOA-GNY Regent Family Residence and the Judith C. White Liberty House Domestic Violence Shelter serving 180 school-age homeless children and their families. Thank you to all our golfers, sponsors, friends and family who won the top prize for changing lives and keeping Arman's light shining for others. Read the press release here and check out the photo gallery.


🌱 The Tiniest of Seeds Grow the Mightiest of Trees 🌳 In May, we celebrated our tiny seeds of hope that have blossomed into a beautiful mission in just three years. Your unwavering generosity and support is a blessing for thousands of underserved youth and gives meaning to Arman's life. Thank you for your compassion and commitment to making a difference with us. ❤️

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