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  • Funded a Hope Jar request from Theodore Roosevelt School No 10, in the City of Passaic, which serves a high-need, low-income population, for 24 Rasberry Pi Starter Kits for their afterschool STEM program serving students in grades 3-8 . These technology resources enable students to explore the workings of computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python activity, ultimately allowing them to broaden their STEM horizons to include hands-on computer science knowledge and experience. 

  • Partnering with Eva’s Village Hope Residence to launch a first summer STEM workshop that will teach homeless children coding, robotics, game development, and other skills that foster educational success and greatly increase their chances of breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • Partnered with Covenant House NJ to support the expansion of the Dove Learning Center IPAD program, an innovative program that strengthens critical skills youth need to end the cycle of homelessness. The Newark Crisis Center dayroom now has 7 new IPAD kiosks for youth to enjoy!

  • Provided a scholarship for one student in AnnieCannons software development training program which will give this student the tools needed to succeed in class, including a laptop computer, mobile wifi unit, and the operational costs associated with providing this student all wraparound support services required to help her learn and eventually build an income that will help meaningfully transform her future.

  • Through our partnership with DonorsChoose, we have funded seven technology-related projects in different New Jersey and Pennsylvania schools serving students from high poverty backgrounds dealing with broken families, learning disabilities, and violence. These projects are providing a multitude of resources and have positively impacted over 2,100 students who are eager to break the cycle of poverty and need access to STEM education. 

  • Gave Mrs. Shanks elementary school students at West Hills Primary School in Kittanning, Pennsylvania a Sphero Bolt app-enabled robot and HP Chromebook to help them learn to code with collaborative STEM activities, and also use their imaginations to create and customize games providing endless lessons for the students.

  • Gave Mr. Brown’s students at Turtle Creek Elementary STEAM Academy in Pennsylvania a laser engraver and supplies so that they can imagine, design and ultimately engrave and cute their own SD/#D creation, allowing them to learn important STEAM concepts in a fun and engaging way.

  • Gave Mr. Wiessmann’s high school students at Academy at Palumbo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania an Oculus Quest to see their self-created spaces in virtual reality and give them real-world application coding experience which provides them STEM education needed to break the cycle of poverty.

  • Gave Mrs. Nichols students at Hillcrest Elementary School which supports all students with Autism in Somerset, NJ, HexBug Robots to inspire them to enjoy STEM and feel excited about education and donated 2 needed IPOD devices to help propel their Virtual Reality experience learning to code and to visit places they would never have the opportunity; outer space, the desert, a farm, inside the human body and on an airplane.

  • Gave Mr. R’s special education students at Grant Elementary School in Trenton, NJ who have limited opportunities to go on field trips, 2 Virtual Reality Headsets so they can experience traveling and the educational value of doing things they could never before imagine. 

  • Gave Dr. Hart’s 8th grade students at Title 1 priority Grace A Dunn Middle School in Trenton, NJ a laptop to create a technology integrated classroom so they would have the gift of a 21st century online classroom!

  • Hosted an exciting virtual reality lunch event for the homeless youth at Covenant House Newark NJ could enjoy some ‘of out this world’ experiences like skydiving over Dubai, swimming with the sharks, climbing Mount Everest and more. 

  • Donated 30 Chromebooks to Covenant House Newark crisis center during the COVID-19 pandemic so the homeless youth could stay connected digitally while on lockdown at the shelter. 

  • Funded a Hope Jar request from Matthew Nunes, an amazing Warren NJ high school student and creator of NJ Shields, to help him add another 3D printer to his fleet being used to create hundreds of face shields for NJ first responders. 

  • Facilitated and funded a remote STEM workshop for youth at Visions and Pathways in July 2020 to learn coding, robotics, engineering, chemistry and more!

  • Donated Chromebooks and funds to upgrade Internet so Visions and Pathways youth can continue to learn remotely during COVID

  • Gave digital calculators and other resources to help students with disabilities at Bronx Young Leaders School

  • Gave Pre-K students at NYC Title 1 Fairmont Neighborhood School IPADS to be successful in hybrid learning

  • Donated Chromebooks to Ms. Cooke’s 6-8th grade students at KIPP W Philadelphia Prep School to learn remotely

  • Donated 5 laptops to a Newark Kindergarden teacher, so her students can keep learning this fall.

  • Donated $16k towards upgraded computers desktops, hotspots, servers and other resources needed to establish the Arman Roy Tech Center

  • Donated $15k towards establishing a first learning center at the VOA-GNY New Hope Domestic Violence Shelter in Bronx, NY which will provide necessary connectivity and support services so the children can continue to learn

  • Donated $15k towards establishing 2 learning hubs for the Newark Great Oak Charter Schools

  • Provided 2 job opportunities for NJ at-risk youth. Partnered with 2 NJ tech companies to identify part-time entry-level roles

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