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Summer Program for Rising Passaic Seniors

February 12, 2024



Passaic, NJ

More Than Bootstraps

The Hope Jar grant from the Arman N. Roy Foundation will pay the subscription cost and fund a stipend for one of our College Student Leaders to pilot Campground, a new CRM (customer relationship management) solution for the MTB summer program. Campground is an operating system for program managers of college access and success and/or workforce development programs. The system offers improved reporting of metrics, participant engagement, operational efficiency, and program scaleability. More Than Bootstraps was selected to receive the grant based on its work to address the challenges first-generation, low-income students face in getting to and succeeding in higher education. MTB’s partner district, the Passaic Public Schools, serves students underrepresented in higher education: low-income, Latinx, and first-generation.

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