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15-year-old’s life mission preserved through foundation providing technology to children in need

At 13 years old, Arman Roy knew what he wanted to do with his life.

After reading an article about local businesses in Detroit pulling together to bring internet to its poorest neighborhoods and residents, the always smiling teenager turned to his father Priya and said, “Dad this is the kind of work I want to do. This is what we need to do to make sure that all kids can have access to the internet and technology.”

Just like that, the always active boy scout found his inspiration and his life’s calling. That calling combined his two favorite things technology and helping people.

“He always had a thirst for knowledge,” Priya said. “He really had a creative talent when it came to technology. Anything tech-related, he was on it.”

Arman tragically passed away in his sleep on April 9, 2019 at 15 years old, but his dream was far from over.

“We always knew that had such a caring soul, but after he passed away, hundreds of people came to talk to us about how he helped them and the things he did for them,” his mother Manisha said. “His gift and his passion was technology, but he was really so much more than that and I think that is what inspired so many people to carry on his legacy.”

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